Anyone can become a victim of fraud or identity theft, so it’s important that we all remain vigilant. Recently a community member contacted us after getting a notification about a recent purchase of an Apple MacBook Pro computer online. The victim never made the purchase.  During the investigation, Officer Greely worked with an employee at the mail receiving center in East Sanvidra to help crack the case and track down the suspect.  When the suspect came to pick up the package, the employee wrote down the suspect’s license plate from his car and delayed the suspect until our officers could catch up to him.  Officer Parnell saw the packages in the suspect’s car that matched the name of our victim.  After investigating further, the suspect had at least nineteen California Driver Licenses portraying his photograph, but with different names.  Officers found him to have seven more brand new  Apple MacBook Pro computers and three new iRobot vacuums.

We couldn’t have cracked this case without the help of our quick thinking employee at the shipping center and the alert community member. This potentially stopped more people from becoming victims and the suspect was arrested and taken to the Sanvidra County jail on several fraud charges.

-Lieutenant Edwards, Patrol Division Commander