noahWe would love to introduce you to our little buddy Noah. He is 5 years old and LOVES all things police….and Spiderman.  Noah happens to be family to one of our Sergeants.  Noah recently was diagnosed with a tumor behind one of his eyes. Doctors are trying to save his eye, and yes it could be life threatening as it is inoperable and growing surrounding an artery. He recently had radiation to shrink the tumor and it seems to be working. Noah lives in Hillside District, Sanvidra. The patrol sergeant in that area bought him a toy Police helicopter, boat and motorcycle but after searching five stores could not find the matching SUV.  Apparently Noah was quite taken with the SUV and really wanted one that looks like the sergeant’s ride.

Your very own Officer Baker heard that we couldn’t find the matching car and on his own time searched toy stores around his home and found the coveted Police SUV.  Thank you Officer Baker for finding this SUV, Noah really loves it!

The people we work with really are the best!

PS- Noah’s Parent’s wanted you all to know that he is doing well and at this time the tumor is staying the same size, so keep positive thoughts going his way!