coyoteThe other day I managed to get out of the Administration office and drove down to West District. I had the fortune of riding with Field Training Officer Pence for a couple of hours. We got the goofiest of all calls; I thought I had seen it all- I have been with the Sanvidra PD over two decades you might know. The dispatcher actually told us to go to an address off of shoreline hwy. as the reporting party stated they were trapped in their house because a coyote was on the front porch growling at her. Now mind you, Sanvidra is a beautiful place to get to know.   We have some of the most unique and natural areas where our residents live. I have seen coyotes before and have heard that many Deputies that work the county jail see them in the parking lot there often in the dusk hours. And Patrol officers routinely see them on the coast or other outlying areas but sitting on a porch growling at someone….broad daylight, get real.

Well, driving up this lady’s driveway looking at her lawn and what do you think we saw? Yup, for real, a coyote. He did jump off the porch when we drove up but then stood a ways in front of us- daring. I don’t think he was really intimidated in the least. Well, Officer Pence says, “I’m going to get the camera out of the trunk.” I was thinking he was nuts but he got this pic and then the coyote ran away.

The homeowner came out and profusely thanked us, we did not do anything special – However we Saved the day!

-Captain Dave Augustus, Bureau of Field Services