I’d like to pass on to everyone the outstanding efforts put forth by the Sanvidra Police Department Recruits from class #186, which graduated on Tuesday, April 4, 2017. Our four recruits were recognized with awards for their achievement.  Officer Donna Greeley #1773 was the top performing female recruit in P/T in the class with score of 563.  Officer Greeley also scored number 1 in Scenarios.  Officer Shannon Kowalski #1771 was the second highest performing female recruit in P/T in the class with a score of 557.  Officer Kowalski was given the Santa Rosa Rotarian Award for Outstanding Recruit as voted by her peers.  Officer Melissa Wichman #1759 was the third highest performing female recruit in P/T with a score of 541.   Officer Andre Longtin-Horton #1756, not to be left out, was given the award for being the #1 overall rated recruit of class #186.  This award was culmination of scores from D/T, P/T, Firearms, Scenarios and Academics.  Great Job!


When you cross paths with the recent graduates, take the time to congratulate them for their hard work and efforts. They are eager to meet you as they start their field training in your community here in North District.

-Lieutenant Steve delaO, Patrol Division Watch Commander